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Unlock Your Organization
by Unlocking Your People

We empower purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs to create thriving organizations and teams with simple, proven tools and solutions.

As a leader, raise your hand if
you ever found yourself frustrated with...

Lacking the clarity on how to take your teams and organization to the next level
Drama among team members who gossip and create divisions instead of fostering unity.
Teams that are misaligned, leading to ineffectiveness and an unhealthy work environment.
Feeling fearful and ill-prepared for conflict resolution.
Questioning whether you've placed the right person in the right seat.
Self-doubt that can leave you feeling paralyzed, questioning your leadership capabilities.
Consistently wasting time, money, and resources on the wrong people.

There's good news! These are very common challenges and you don't have to fix them alone!


Epiphany Coaching Mission

Epiphany Coaching's mission is to unlock the potential of teams & organizations by empowering people through coaching & training.

The goal is to improve productivity and culture at every level of the organization. Whether focusing on individuals, teams, or the organization as a whole, Epiphany Coaching's unique mix of powerful content and tools, proven assessments, and engaging transformative trainings will take your people to the next level. As the leaders grow, the organization grows.




Coaching Sessions

 One-on-one sessions are perfect for those who want to level up and work through issues on a regular basis. Get in-depth weekly or monthly sessions to help you get to the next level. Also, receive personal accountability to solve problems and achieve goals.


Workshops &

Looking to take your entire organization to the next level? Take your teams through trainings & workshops created to help them communicate at higher levels than they ever have before. Discover deep truths about yourself and your teammates that will help crack the code to growth for the organization. 



If you need to kickstart your team, Epiphany Coaching provides powerful and compelling keynote presentations. It's perfect for time-starved, high potential teams that just need "that one missing piece" to take them to the next level. This option is also great for beginners who want to learn the foundational principles to be a highly effective leader.

Epiphany Coaching will empower you to:

Increase Self-Awareness and Confidence

Improve Communication and 

Relational trust

Build Common Language and Tools to Collaborate Effectively

Greater Alignment While Building Healthy & High Performing Teams 

The Epiphany Coaching Process


We partner to determine where you are and define the desired future for the team and organization.

Vision Mapping

Grow, multiply and never peak

Every successful team has a strategic plan and roadmap to accomplish the vision and mission. We document this path for all to see and follow.

We work together alongside you and your team to structure your organization for systematic growth. 


Nick and Molly.jpg

Chris Williams cares! He cares enough to stop and truly listen. He knows the right questions to ask to get to the heart of a matter, which can unlock creative solutions and paths forward. Chris has the uncanny ability to keep laughter and seriousness in near perfect tension, and from there results follow personally and within teams.

Nick & Molly Pastermack

CEO & CFO of DevPlex Business Consultant

About Chris

Chris’ career is marked by leadership, teaching, and creativity. His deep passion to see people grow and, in turn, make a positive impact in their world. 


An avid student of leadership, spanning for over 18 years, Chris was blessed with incredible mentors early on to guide him where he is today.  As a business owner and co-founder of a non-profit organization, Chris understands what it takes to develop people, cultures and organizations. In his production company, Compelled Creative, he has had the privilege of working with leaders and influencers across industries from start ups, to nonprofits, churches and fortune 500 companies. His clients have included companies like LYFT, Ramsey Jewelers and other established organizations.


Chris is a certified personal, leadership and team development coach & trainer with a strong belief in bridging theory and principles to real world, everyday challenges. Chris develops leaders to foster beliefs and mindsets that lead to organizational wellness. He uses proven strategies for implementing activity that produces desirable results. Chris takes pride in leveraging his education, leadership experience and people management skills to support clients in working through obstacles that may hinder success in their endeavors.


He is a graduate of The Art Institute of  Atlanta, Georgia.


Chris is married to the love of his life, Risa. Together, The Williams family is involved in serving their community and, because of their faith, passionate about inspiring others.


“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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